What are the best US cities for startups?

Are you fresh out of college? Or are you simply unsatisfied with your current position? Anyway, you are looking for a job opportunity. The country is full of possibilities. Nowadays more and more startups are opening up. They are the perfect way for new graduates to gain some experience. Also, seasoned experts can make or break fresh startups. Look around you. Chances are there is a promising startup nearby. Or if you prefer, thousands of miles away in one of the best US cities for startups.

Furthermore, if you are an entrepreneur looking to launch your own startup, you now have more opportunities than ever. You are no longer limited to Silicon Valley. Even though it’s a good place for a new business, especially for a tech company, some other places are becoming the best US cities for startups. However, when starting your own business it matters where you do it. Choosing the right city is most important because location affects the success of your business. Here is a list of some of the best US cities for startups.

New York was always one of the best cities in the US for startups

New York has always been the center of things. In the past 10 years, the number of tech jobs in New York grew 30%. It’s home to many big names such as BuzzFeed, Etsy, and WeWork. In recent years, New York also became the center for direct-to-consumer companies commonly known as startups. They use highly targeted marketing to advertise their brands from their own websites. New York was always a finance and advertising city and startups are trying to use that to their advantage. A wave of c-commerce startups is redefining this finance capital of the world.

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Additionally, New York’s neighbor Newark is using some of the fame to create its own startup scene. The most famous Newark tech company, Audible, begun as a startup. Now that is a part of Amazon, they are looking into developing New York area even further.

New York was always been a finance and advertising city


Nashville is not only famous for country music. It is home to an abundance of hospital chains. That has made Nashville appealing for a wave of health startups. Nashville has more than 20 colleges and universities and a thriving economy. But the city’s biggest industry is health industry. Many of the nation’s biggest profit hospital chains have headquarters here. Also, more than 800 health care companies are stationed here. All of this has inspired a number of promising health startups, such as Covenant Surgical Partners.

San Francisco

San Francisco is booming when it comes to new inventions. Closeness to Silicon Valley has definitely helped San Francisco become one of the best US cities for startups. The Bay Area is home to some great names of the tech world. Everyone knows of Uber, Airbnb, and Slack. They all have taken root here along with many other successful startups. The only disadvantages to San Francisco are astronomical commercial rents and the cost of living.

San Francisco is thriving when it comes to new inventions

San Diego is becoming one of the best US cities for startups


The best city for software might be San Francisco, but San Diego is becoming one of the best US cities for startups. Most San Diego startups focus on life science and aerospace. Entrepreneurs draw talent from the San Diego campus and the surrounding military bases. Also, local commercial real estate companies are partnering with a local incubator to create startup co-working space. The city is home to 24 incubator and accelerator programs. Another interesting industry that has bloomed in San Diego is craft beer making. Believe it or not, San Diego has 157 startup breweries.


The Texas capital recently was voted the #1 place in America to start a business in by CNBC. Austin grew its startup scene faster than any other city except Washington, D.C. And this growth will be tough to match. In large part, it is because of the University of Texas at Austin and other universities’ influence. This means that Austin has a well-educated workforce. Youthful, smart energy flourishes here and entrepreneurs are rightfully recognizing the talent of Austin people. This has caused Austin to become quite a hotspot.

Austin also stands out for its affordability. Many small-business owners often pay taxes at the individual level. Since Austin has no personal income tax, business owners are more likely to choose Austin for their headquarters. Also, the state has zero corporate tax rate.

Additionally, the overall culture in Austin is well known for supporting the small business community. This unique culture and the flourishing business community is very appealing. Many new startups are rushing to the city to embrace its culture as their own. This is why Austin is recognized as one of the best US cities for startups.

Culture in Austin is well known for supporting the small business community

Miami is, surprisingly, one of the best US cities for startups

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Don’t let the sand, sun, and tourism of the South Beach fool you. Miami has a reputation as a great place for new businesses. The city isn’t just home to new businesses. Large companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple have offices there. Miami’s closeness to Latin America only increases its appeal. Miami is full of talent. It has support from the institutions and private initiatives that are focused on boosting innovation. Additionally, Miami is very affordable to startups employees. Also, it offers the best tax situation for companies and their workers. Miami offers a skilled and diverse population and a robust entrepreneurial environment. All this may be reason enough to set up shop in this thriving, business-friendly place.

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